I posted, not long ago, about Foamy Soap.  A key ingredient is, of course, liquid soap.   Well, guess what we’re almost out of… you got it, liquid soap.   Considering we bought a gallon at Costco about 6 years ago, it’s about time we ran out!  I decided to make some myself…

“But, CnC, you’re crazy!  You can’t make your own soap.”  Fear not dear reader, I already did!

While  looking for liquid soap recipes, I found one on this great website (and I’ll be trying a lot more of their recipes!).  The thing I love is that you aren’t actually making soap, you’re remaking bar soap into liquid soap.  The recipe I used is for “Liquid Soap” and it’s about 1/3 of the way down on the page. 

Here’s what I did differently… I used my food processor to grate the plain Dove soap.  It’s just soap, and it’s going to rinse of in the dishwasher just fine! 

I put  3 c of water in a saucepan and boiled it on the stove intstead of using my microwave.  I also threw in an herbal tea bag… a pomegranate one, to be exact.  You’ll need two or three bags to overpower the Dove’s smell which isn’t my personal favorite.  Steep the tea in the boiling water for a minute or two then fish out the tea bag.  

Make sure you have your venthood on and start adding the soap flakes to the boiling water (it’s got a powerful smell).   Add a small amount each time and wait for it to dissolve.  Once you’ve got all the soap dissolved, allow it to boil for a little while and thicken up a little.  Then, you’re done. 

I also added a drop of red food coloring to give it a prettier color.  Be careful with food coloring in this use… you don’t want red or blue hands!   I put a small amount in my foamy soap container and added water, shake shake shake – I’ve got homemade foamy handsoap now!  I’m storing the leftovers in a leftover vinegar bottle (I don’t throw things away, usually).

I’m going to try it in my shower as a shower gel as well… why not!?!  And, if I can find some inexpensive bottles, I might just give it as gifts. 


PS… I bought my 14 pack of Dove soap at an estate sale this summer for $2.  Keep your eyes peeled for deals like that!!!


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