Earn Cash Too

Maybe you haven’t been hit by the recession, maybe you have.  One way we’ve made due is with selling things we no longer want or need…

Books: http://cash4books.net/index.php?ref=108558  I haven’t done this one yet, but I’ve got too many books I won’t ever read and I’m going to purge!

Clothing: take them to your local consignment store, list them on craigslist in lots (lot of size 8 for $50), or sell them to a re-sale store like Kid to Kid http://www.kidtokid.com/index.php.

Miscellaneous: Craig’s List (craigslist.org) is by far my favorite to get rid of almost anything.  I’ve sold remodel fodder, clothing, household items, etc…  If you’re unsure of a price, look up a similar item on ebay or another craigslist ad.  If you feel unsafe doing giving out your home address, meet them at your local grocery store parking lot.  Look around, you may be surprised what people list and what people buy.  If you’re not using it, and you haven’t used it in months, SELL IT!  Just try it… ads on craigslist are free and there’s no shipping involved. 


With all of the money you make, put it in savings for a vacation or fund your coffee habit.  Have fun earning some cash!


PS… I’ve been prepping for my son’s 3rd birthday so I’ll be back next week!