Ground Beef


I am quite possibly the cheapest person I know.  I’m sure some people prefer the term “frugal” or “cost conscientious”.  Not I!  I’m just cheap.  It angers me to pay more than an hour’s worth of my husband’s time for a pair of shoes.  So I don’t do it.  It freaks me out to see mall prices (the last thing I bought at a mall was a free cup of water – I’m so serious).  So I only look.  In the postings following, I will tell you how I do what I do.  Take it or leave it.  My goal is to save more so I can give more away.


Today, I’m going to talk about ground beef.  Seriously though… it’s on sale this weekend at Safeway (man, they owe me) and we need to stock up.  I’m arming my kitchen with a food scale and plenty of plastic storage bags (bought at a warehouse store near you with a coupon) and I’m going shopping.  How much will I buy?  Probably 10 pounds.  At $1.49/lb, who can resist.  Sure it’s 20% fat content and it’s not organic, but we’re not going for the trifecta on our first day of blogging.


“But CnC, I don’t know what to cook with ground beef.”  Fear not, dear reader, that’s what I’m here for.  I will give you 5 tried and true recipes that my family loves.  Each meal feeds 4 adults and will sometimes leave you with leftovers.  The best part – each meal costs around $5.  Yes, the WHOLE MEAL …. total… for all 4 people.  Beat that, McDonald’s.


Buying the Beef:  When you go to the store, buy a large package and buy one that is close to a whole number or a half pound.  For example, you would choose the 8.03 lb package instead of the 7.77 lb package.  The reason for this is most recipes call for 8oz or a whole pound… not 0.27 lbs  If you’re off by an ounce or two, no biggie. 


At home: When you get home, separate the beef into 8 oz portions (hence the kitchen scale).  Cover and store in the refrigerator what you’re going to use tonight.  Put the remaining 8 oz portions in quart size baggies.  Before you seal the baggies, press the beef flat.  It’s easier to store that way.  Sometimes I mark the date with a permanent marker, but ground beef will last in the freezer a very long time so it’s not usually necessary. 


That’s it!  Now you have meat ready for several more meals and you’re not going to have to pay $4.99/lb when you have a hankering for meatloaf.


Now for my favorite part: 5 recipes…


Nacho Potatoes

Shepherd’s Pie

Sloppy Joe’s

Italian Meatloaf





  1. Lacey said,

    April 24, 2009 at 1:54 am

    Love the blog!

  2. Mom said,

    April 24, 2009 at 2:45 am

    What a delightful surprise! Go girl. I’m so proud of you!

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